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Why Waterfalls Are Important

Waterfalls are often a stunning sight for those that hike or do photography, but they have a big part in many aspects of nature and life. These beautiful displays of nature’s capabilities are important in so many ways that you may have never considered.

Today I’m here to show you some of those impacts to help you better understand the use of the waterfalls we find so gorgeous. Here are some big reasons why waterfalls are important.


Moving water is more easily oxygenated and purified than still water, and waterfalls are bodies of water’s best way to be cleansed and purified. They can turn waste into nutrients, increase oxygen in the water, and more.

This then helps to provide better water to wildlife and plants in or around the body of water the waterfall empties into.

Waterfalls have been able to provide a better environment for farmers nearby, increase fish populations and health, and much more which can help the ecosystem or the people nearby in multiple ways.

Create Calmness

Have you ever felt the sensation of calming or even sleepiness when near a waterfall or moving water? There’s some science behind this. Waterfalls and other moving water bodies have been shown to calm humans as they are able to release negative ions which can work to reduce stress and promote calmness.

People have also reported other health benefits from being nearby waterfalls such as a reduction in depression and it has even been shown that they can reduce free radicals in our bodies. Free radicals contribute to stress and body deterioration of many kinds.

Improve Economies

Tourism is an important factor in many areas’ economies, which is why waterfalls can help to improve the economy of an area. We are often awed by these natural wonders and want to visit ones which can mean paying for a place to stay, access to the area, or other items.

Waterfalls provide something tourists want to see and therefore can be an important factor in a country or region’s economy. They provide the sights to see, and we provide the area with more money in their tourism industry to help to improve the economy.

Support Ecosystems

Due to the ability to improve water quality, bring in tourists, improve surrounding soil, and much more; waterfalls are able to support and improve their local ecosystems in multiple ways.

Fish live better, plants and wildlife are abundant and healthy in the area, and by extension predators of fish as well as their predators are all able to have better food sources and be healthier as a population.

Humans nearby can benefit from the improved wildlife and ecosystem from fishing, hunting, access to better plants, and more.

Understanding the impact waterfalls can have on the environment or on our own lives can be really helpful for some of us to find greater respect for nature or understand why it’s so important to protect these wonders.

Waterfalls help nature in so many ways, and while it’s nice to spend time viewing these we also need to know and remember why they’re here. Maybe this will put a new perspective on how you think about the next waterfall you see.

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