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Top 5 Benefits of Hiking

When the father of my sons and I were in a relationship all those years ago, we enjoyed taking the kids for hikes. Before our youngest son was born, you’d find us taking my oldest daughter (my firstborn has a different Dad) and our oldest son hiking up mountains.

I was going through old photo albums and found our photos of that first hike up Mt. Ascutney in Vermont when my daughter was probably about six years or old or so, and our first son together was less than two years old. Those memories in photographs reminded me of how much we used to hike before our youngest son was born.

Hiking was one of our favorite pastimes, but alas we got divorced for nine years and I didn’t remember this hobby we had until we reunited this past summer of 2019. As part of our mission to make sure our family stays bonded and together forever, we’re bringing back our hiking adventures.

Just last summer, we spent a lot of our free time in the woods. We were homeless during the summer of 2019, so we did our best to be good parents and make the best out of this difficult chapter in our reunited relationship world.

The boys were with us full time during our homeless chapter of 2019, so they were the ones taking most of the hikes with us. Today I’m sharing some of the benefits of hiking as a family to inspire more families to get outdoors and enjoy the beauty that nature provides us.

The Top 5 Benefits of Hiking

Family Time

When we venture out into the woods via our woods rig or on feet, we find so many cool things. Hiking together as a family gives our family a chance to communicate, laugh, and enjoy each other’s company. When you’re out in the woods on a hiking trail the world is silent. All that is between your family and you is trees, nature, and sunshine. This helps strengthen the family bond with quality family time together.

Reduces Stress

I can’t even begin to explain how comfortable and peaceful I feel when we’re out in the woods taking a hike. The benefits of hiking include getting physical exercise, but it also promotes good mental health. I know that we all seem less stressed when we’re out on a hiking adventure. The fresh air, sunshine, and exercise all work together to reduce stress for everyone in the family.


The benefits of hiking include fun adventures! There are so many trails in the world to enjoy as a family. We have a little map with pins on it to keep an ongoing list of hiking spots in New Hampshire and Vermont that we hope to enjoy with the boys before they’re grown. It’s fun to get out in the woods, run around, find old pieces of historical items, such as that time we found an old mining location in Vermont.


Just like the benefits of hiking include reduced stress; it also is a great form of exercise. For people who dread a daily workout routine, hiking can replace this workout routine with something fun, engaging, and something the whole family can do together. One goal I have this year is to get down about thirty pounds, as I want to get my hypertension under control. As I watch our youngest son start to have some hypertension signs, we want to hit that immediately with a form of exercise that doesn’t seem tedious, such as hiking together as a family.

At the end of the day I can’t even say anything negative about hiking, well I suppose if I had to write at least one con to hiking … I would say it isn’t fun during mosquito season. I highly suggest you wear some mosquito spray and tick deterrent spray if you’re going out in the woods hiking during tick season and mosquito season.

We love hiking as a family for fun, exercise, and reduced stress. We learn a lot about history as we search for lost towns in the woods, old cemeteries and at one point we found a marker for an old school that was once there in the 1800s. Hiking is something everyone can enjoy if you have a little one be sure to get a kids’ hiking backpack so that they can give their little legs a rest while you enjoy the benefits of hiking together.

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