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Tips to Prepare for a Hike With Kids

Yes, I am all about sharing new tips this year to enjoy hiking with kids. The reason is that we’ve all been cooped up for too long, so why not get out to a secluded trail and enjoy a hike with your family? You can enjoy hiking with kids while practicing social distancing, just fine the perfect trail near your local area to enjoy!

Need to know how to make a family hike the best experience you can before it even starts? You’ve found the right place. Preparing is a big part of expeditions when you’re bringing kids along.

There are so many ways a hike could go differently than expected and things to keep in mind when it’s not just you out there. Here are some important tips you should know for preparing for hiking with kids.

Tips to Prepare For Hiking With Kids

Safety First

Make sure to spend some time with your kids and anyone else coming along to learn about and review safety. Your kids should know what to do in emergency situations or when separated from you. Make sure everyone has their own water bottle and safety whistle in case anyone gets in trouble or separated.

Choose Wisely

When you’re looking for a hiking trail, consider who you’re taking along. Don’t choose a trail that is too difficult or long for your kids to handle, and if you choose a harder trail be prepared to not go the full way. You can also choose more interesting hikes that have more views or attractions if your kids don’t like hiking much.

Dress Properly

Remember to dress with at least one or two articles that have bright colors, especially if you’re out during a hunting season or your kids tend to wander from your immediate area often. It’s also important to dress for the weather and in layers, so you can easily adjust clothing to account for feeling warm or cold along the way.

Bring A Bag

The adult(s) on the trip should have a backpack with supplies when hiking. These supplies include snacks, plenty of water, emergency equipment like a first aid kits, flashlights, whistles, etc., and anything else you may need. Don’t pack too heavy, but you need the basics so everyone stays healthy and safe. Take water breaks often.

Be Mindful

In preparing for a family hiking adventure, be mindful of how long the hike may be, what your kids may need, what the weather looks like, and what time you leave. You don’t want to go too late and be hiking in the dark, and similarly, you don’t want to go during a time that may be super hot or have bad weather.

It’s really important to make sure everyone involved is ready for the hike before it happens, that way you will be ready for anything that comes your way. Properly planning and prepping can make a huge difference in making family hiking more memorable and positive for everyone.

I hope these tips help you plan for your next hiking trip with the kids and give you a good place to start if you’re planning one.

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