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Tips To Plan A New England Fall Foliage Trip

New England is a great place to get away from your everyday life for a new and beautiful environment, but it’s particularly well-known for the foliage you can see in the fall.

If you want to plan a New England trip to see the leaves changing in the fall as well as fall festivities in the area, you’ll need to know some things first. Here are some helpful tips to plan a New England fall foliage trip that’ll be truly great.

Start Planning Early

The fall season is incredibly busy for tourism and travel in New England states. You’ll need to start planning and considering your trip fairly early if you want to figure out the best routes, places to stay, and so on.

If you want to avoid the traffic and crowds you should look into smaller towns and more rural areas (which may be even prettier to see anyways due to less crowding and deforestation). And if you’re staying somewhere during the trip you should make reservations as soon as you can so that you can be sure you have somewhere nice.


The best times tend to be through late September into early October. You’ll have a window of one or two weeks of the best timing, so if you don’t have any reservations to make you won’t be missing out regardless of when you go.

If you go later in the season you’d be better off in more southern areas of New England since northern areas go through their leaf changing first. It also depends on the current weather and seasons. As far as days, you’re most likely better off going during the weekdays since that’s less busy than the packed weekends.

Experience Local Culture

If possible, you want to also have other experiences during your trip. Especially if you’re not local to New England but even if you are. You can go to fall festivals or events in different areas of New England as well as experience other things like visiting local farms and attractions or eating some New England staples.

There are so many things to see and do in the area that you can truly turn a fall foliage trip into much more than what it was in the beginning. It can also fill extra time if you’re staying somewhere so that you make the most of each day.

Plan Well

To be able to make this trip the best it can be, you should put some good planning behind it. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to create a step by step list that dictates your every minute, but it does mean considering some parts of your trip. If you’re not driving to your destination in your own vehicle, renting one will be important to get around or go on road trips to see some new sights.

You’ll want to sit down and consider budgeting, reservations you need to make, rentals you may need to get, the timing of the trip, some places you want to visit, and so on. It helps to create some structure so that you make the most of what time you spend here.

With this information at hand, you can easily have the best fall foliage experience in New England. Trips like these can become difficult to arrange and to keep on track due to the popularity of New England leaf-peeping.

You should consider some of these tips when you’re thinking about planning a New England fall foliage trip, or maybe this information can be an incentive to consider doing a trip like this sometime soon.

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