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Tips to Enjoy a Hike With Kids

Hiking is an excellent way to get out of the house to get some fresh air and enjoy your local scenery. Today I’m going to show you a few ways you can take a hike with kids fun and exciting!

I’m pretty confident these tips will keep the kids from complaining, although I do recommend bug spray as our middle kiddo is forever complaining about the bugs during our family hiking adventures.

If you’re planning a family hike or have taken one before, you may know it can be hard to make hiking enjoyable for the whole family. There are plenty of easy ways you can adjust your planning or trip to make the experience more fun for everyone though.

We love hiking together and cannot wait to get out in the woods this summer season. Since this is a favorite family bonding activity we’ve enjoyed a lot, I wanted to share some tips to help you enjoy this family activity together. Here are some tips for enjoying a family hike with kids.

5 Tips to Enjoy a Family Hike

Take It Slow

It can be hard for everyone to be on the same pace, especially if some family members are less in shape than others or you have little ones in tow. Remember to take the hike slow, it’s no race! It also gives you all the opportunity to really take in your surroundings and enjoy the moment.

Play a Little

There are so many ways to have some fun while you’re on a hike. Play games, sing, or talk about interesting parts of your surroundings. You can play games of I Spy, or sing silly songs together. This is a super-easy way to get everyone to smile and enjoy the time together.

Give Kids the Reins

To get your children more involved and invested in the idea of a family hike, let them have some control! If there’s a fork in the path, let your kids choose the way. It can be really simple to let them have a little more choice in what you do, and it lets them have more fun with the time.

Be Flexible

A trip may not always go the way you hope or want to. You don’t want hiking to become a bad memory or association for your kids or family, so if you need to change plans you should. This means may be turning around, taking a shorter hike than planned, or choosing a different route.

Learn Something New

Plenty of trails and hiking routes have learning opportunities along with them such as signs along the route or brochures that teach you about the area. When possible, take the opportunity to do these. Learning new interesting things about nature helps make the hike more fun and interactive for everyone.

Have you ever considered or tried any of these tips? Hopefully at least one of these ideas can help your family make the next hiking trip easier and more fun for everyone involved. Hiking is so beneficial for all members of your family and it’s a great way to take a break from everyday life.

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