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Tips For Buying Land to Build a New Home

Whether you’re looking at homes for sale and none feel right, or just want your own opportunity to build a home from scratch rather than buy one; finding the perfect land and making this process easy can be a mess. There are so many important things to keep in mind when you’re looking to buy land to build a new home, so here are some tips to help you when you’re thinking.


Zoning is important when thinking about land purchases because you need to know what you can or can’t do or build on your property. You should also ask about or consider future zoning to know if there are any nearby projects or other items that could later decrease the value of your property. Zoning knowledge can also prepare you ahead of time for the building process and what permits or other items you’ll need to obtain.


Determine before buying if utilities such as sewage, water access, and electricity will be workable. You want to know the quality of the water in the area, whether you can dig a well or not, etc., before you actually commit to buying to ensure the process goes the way you want it to when it comes to home building. You also want to figure out how much it’ll cost you for gaining access and adding these utilities such as costs for electricity lines and more.

Long Term

Many people buying land or homes neglect to think long term enough when they’re choosing a place. You want to consider more long term items such as any future builds you may want to do, the quality of the surrounding area, natural hazards in or around the land, whether you could sustainably live on this land, and so much more. For families or those that want a family someday, you’ll want to consider the local town(s) and where your kids would go to school too.

Renting First?

If your home building project will take a while, you want to consider and budget for what your living conditions or situation will be until it is finished as well as budget to afford everything for payments you’ll have to make. Be sure to consider whether you’re going to rent while or before building your house or what other form of living you will be in  to be able to properly budget that in with your loan payments, work, and more.


While you may just want to figure everything out at once and dive in, it’s really useful to take your time during this decision and really plan everything out. Sit down for a moment and figure out your budget, loan qualifications, building options, house plans, goals for land placement or use, budget, and really anything you will need to have in mind during the process. It can make the whole situation less stressful and make the chances of success or a happy ending higher.

These tips can help you for future consideration or if you’re currently in the process of buying land and want to make sure it’ll be the best fit for your future. It’s important to pause and consider topics such as the ones above when you’re looking at or purchasing land, especially for building a home on, so that you know you end up with the best possible option.

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