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The Ultimate Guide to Family Hiking

One of the many changes in the year 2020 that our family embarked upon was putting family hiking vacations as a priority in our life. After spending five months being homeless living in tents, hotels, and eventually our vehicles, we knew we wanted to create more fun for our family.

From June 2019 to November 2019 we experienced so many new things. Being homeless taught many life lessons and life skills to our kids that we never could have thought to teach them in a ‘regular home environment’.

Learning From Homelessness

One of the biggest things we did during our homeless chapter was to make sure we spent the weekends doing something fun and adventurous. We would seek out inexpensive motels or hotels, find deals to venture to new places, and we’d go family hiking to explore new areas.

This experience ultimately solidified our bond as a family, which is another reason I’m a firm believer in making the best of what you have right here and right now.

Life’s Short, Enjoy Precious Time

Life’s far too short to not make adjustments so that you’re living a simpler life and enjoying the precious moments you have with your family. Getting outside and enjoying new places with a family hiking adventure is just one of our favorite ways to experience life together.

Learning how to get teens and tweens excited about family hiking is another story, but hey, we did it and we survived to tell the tale!

Family Hiking with Teenagers

Our kids are for sure older now, and we have to be more creative with our family hiking vacations. We try to buy fun supplies, prepare with loads of bug spray so we don’t hear a thousand complaints of being bitten up, and we always bring along water and snacks to keep everyone hydrated and full.

We let our teenagers take a cell phone with them for photos. The cell isn’t connected to wifi and doesn’t have service, but one of our kids does have service. Whenever we’re out on a family hiking vacation, they don’t use the cell phone to be stuck on social media or texting friends, they know it’s for photography use only.

How do you make hiking fun for kids?

Hiking with younger kids is always a little challenging. Even though teens get tired and complain sometimes, younger kids can tire out easily. That’s why I shared some tips to make hiking fun for kids so that you can make sure the kids are having a blast and don’t tire as easily.

The best way to make hiking fun for kids is to let them lead the way, selected an easier hiking trail, and bring plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Do kids need hiking shoes?

I will say there are many tips to pack for family hiking vacations, but one of the biggest questions I’m asked is whether kids need hiking shoes or not. You do not need hiking shoes to go family hiking.

I suggest your kids have shoes that are comfortable and have good tread. I’ve seen a wide variety of hiking shoes for kids that will work, but you can just pick up a kids’ shoe with good tread that feels comfy on their feet to ensure their feet don’t get blistered up or sweat profusely during your family hiking vacation.

How do You Prepare for Hiking?

One thing we’ve been doing to prepare for family hiking vacation is to get outdoors and walk more often. I’ve been doing Zumba, the kids have been taking a 40-minute daily walk, and we’ve been doing yard work to get our body ready for family hiking.

You don’t want to just hit the hiking trails for your family hiking vacations if your body hasn’t stretched and been used some. Going out without preparing for a family hike will surely leave you with some sore muscles and perhaps pulled muscles if you do too much.

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