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Summer Travel Tips to Keep in Mind

Today I’m featuring some tips to help you stay safe during our current climate. There are many ideas that you may not be comfortable with this season, and that’s okay. May this list of summer travel tips to keep in mind help you find something fun to do with your family all the while staying safe.

With the threat of current times and summer quickly approaching, it’s hard to think about and figure out navigating the pull of summer travel. Many of us are ready to get out of the house for travel opportunities, but how do you stay safe during it all? Not to worry.

Summer Travel Tips to Keep in Mind

Here are some special tips and thoughts to help you figure out how to travel safely this summer, from Eileen Ogintz who is a long term family travel column author as well as creator of Taking the Kids website.

Summer Camps

If your kid or kids go to summer camps usually, figure out what will be open and how they have changed policies due to the times. You also want to make sure to consider how your children can get there safely.

RV Vacations

An RV vacation may be perfect for you to get outdoors and get some fresh air. You can even arrange to have an RV delivered to a state park for you. The best place to learn more about this option is on the Outdoorsy website.

Check Cleaning Protocols

Travel options are changing their protocols to help keep you safe. If you’re looking into hotel options or AirBnB, make sure you know cancellation fees or refund policies beforehand in case you don’t feel the place is clean or safe upon arrival.

Out Of State Travel

When you’re planning to travel out of state for a vacation or stop, research first! Some states have quarantines for out of state visitors and special regulations for these times. Make sure you know and prepare for what you’re getting into.

Plan Ahead

With things that are normally open being restricted or closed such as restrooms, restaurants, and pools; you have to plan ahead more. Check what bathrooms are available, what food options you have, etc. and make sure to prepare accordingly.

Keep Guidelines in Mind

Be sure to understand what safety protocols and guidelines are in place for your area or where you’re traveling, this way you can keep your family and yourself safe. It’s also important to respect the rules of where you are.

Hopefully, this list can help you remember to take things a little more carefully this summer but allow any families out there looking to travel the support they need. If you’re feeling cooped up and your area laws allow, it may be a good idea to take a small trip for some fresh air and fun.

Just remember to follow your area’s guidelines and keep tips like these in mind. If you want to learn more about Eileen’s tips, Taking The Kids has her 33 years of experience behind it and much for you to read and learn.

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