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containers for succulents

Succulents for Container Gardening

While I do enjoy container gardening as a means to grow veggies to live off the land, I want to start having some houseplants. One of the best house plants I’ve heard of is succulents. Succulents are something that I honestly only saw out in some rock garden at my grandparent’s house, but now you can get subscription boxes for succulents.

You can easily grow succulents for container gardening no matter where you live, whether you rent or own, and whether you have a green thumb for container gardening or not. I’m excited! As I search for the best subscription boxes for succulents, I figured I’d share my resources with you so you too can get into containers for succulents.

containers for succulents

Can you plant succulents in metal containers?

Typically you won’t use metal to plant succulents. The best containers for succulents are ones that have good drainage. If you do opt to go with a metal container for succulents you must make sure that you move them to a new container later on.

The Best Succulents Subscription Boxes

For someone like me who doesn’t have a green thumb, it’s best to get a succulents subscription box. Below you’ll find the top succulents subscription boxes to get. These will allow you to get some succulents regularly and ensure that you’re able to keep them alive.

Succulents Monthly

You’ll receive the best succulents matched with the appropriate soil and containers. This subscription box will come with care instructions and quality pots for you to grow the succulents in containers.

Succulents Box

Give this succulents box as a surprise gift to someone who wants to enjoy the benefits of indoor succulents. You can choose from four different options for this succulents subscription box.

The Succulent Source

Never receive a repeat plant with The Succulent Source subscription box. You’ll be able to get a succulent and cactus each month to take care of and decorate your home.

Jade & Co Succulent Boutique LLC

Enjoy healthy plants that won’t die, this succulents subscription box will be a surprise each month. This is a perfect gift for someone who enjoys plants and wants a surprise succulents gifts.

Are coffee grounds good for succulents?

Yes, coffee grounds are good for succulents. This is more so when you’re growing succulents outdoors. The coffee grounds will help keep bugs and slugs away. Not only will coffee grounds ward off bugs, but it will help fertilize the succulents. So when you’re succulents arrive from your subscription boxes and you opt to transplant them outdoors, consider adding coffee grounds to your fertilizer.

The above succulents subscription boxes from Cratejoy will not only be the perfect idea for someone who’s looking for ideas for container gardening. Oh, and if all else fails you can just buy some faux succulents to decorate your country home.

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