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Self Care Spa Relaxation at Home

Self care spa relaxation at home is an important way to take care of yourself. Today I’m featuring a fabulous essential oil DIY body scrub recipe. This recipe uses lavender essential oil to help transport your mind, body, and soul into a deep state of relaxation.

Get your claw foot country bathtub ready with some warm water, and grab your bunny-shaped lavender essential oil scrub bar. Enjoy the soothing scent of lavender as you rub this scrub bar all over your rough skin to moisturize your skin and reap the benefits of the sweet aroma of lavender essential oil.

This essential oil DIY body scrub recipe is a wonderful way to practice self care this year. The adorable bunny-shaped body scrub homemade with essential oils will help relax your mind and reduce stress.

Let’s face it, life is hard! Every day we wake up ready to face the day with our positive affirmations and motivation but as the day moves on we slowly fade away. The positive mindset can deteriorate as you experience negativity, stress, and things not going the way you’d planned.

Running a business, dealing with family, trying to get everything done that seems to be a priority each day leaves us depleted.

It’s no wonder more and more people are suffering from anxiety and depression.

Life is hard.

Here’s the thing, I grew up in a different generation or perhaps with a different lifestyle. I had some awesomely supportive people around me who, with the art of tough love, taught me to be stronger than that.

It’s not a pride or ego thing, it’s called I was raised to rise above my problems and find the strength to get through. With that being said, as I’ve continued in the path of raising three kids I’ve also learned the hard lesson that you can’t help your kids if you’re not at 100%.

That’s why I wanted to share a way for you to enjoy spa relaxation at home. This sugar scrub may be used as a scrub for tough, dry skin while you’re soaking in your evening bath or in the shower to help alleviate itchy, dry skin.

I hope that you enjoy my DIY body scrub homemade with essential oils featured here today. It won’t solve all your problems, but the lavender essential oil will help relax your mind and body so that you can sleep easier and wake up feeling refreshed.

What is lavender good for?

Lavender essential oil, in the purest form, is good for alleviating headaches, relaxing inflammation and the pain from toothaches. The anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties of essential oil lavender help relax physical and mental strains.

This adorable bunny body scrub homemade with essential oil uses lavender essential oil. This is why I had to share it with you all. The lavender essential oil aroma will waft through your bathroom as you relax in a hot bath reading your favorite book.

What is the best way to relax your bath?

If you’re wondering what the best way to enjoy spa relaxation at home, then you’ll enjoy this DIY body scrub recipe. Use this homemade body scrub with lavender essential oil to relax after a long hard day living your country life.

Other ways to ensure that you’re able to relax your bath include:

  • Light candles and keep bathroom light off
  • Play subtle music
  • Use a bath pillow to keep your head comfortable
  • Place this body scrub in your warm bath to use the relaxation properties of lavender essential oil
  • Put a do not disturb sign on your bathroom door

Now that we’ve covered most of the basics for using this DIY body scrub recipe homemade with essential oils for your DIY self care at home, it’s time to take a look at what you’ll need to buy to get these body scrub homemade with essential oil ready for your self care night.

Supplies for Spa Relaxation Essential Oil Sugar Srub Bars

How to Make Lavender Spa Relaxation at Home Sugar Scrub Bars

Melt your soap base in the microwave on high for 30 seconds. If it is not completely melted, put in for another 10 seconds.

Mix in the soap dye, stir well.

Mix in the olive oil, sugar and essential oil. Stir well. If it is starting to thicken, put it back in the microwave for 5-10 seconds.

Pour into your silicone mold and let set for about 3 hours.

Once complete, you may take your lavender soap out of the mold and store your relaxing country scrub bars in an airtight container.

Click here to download a free printable PDF of this recipe

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