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ideas for container gardening

Ideas for Container Gardening

If you already know about or found a curiosity for container gardening and need some container gardening ideas, you’ve found the right place. Container gardening can be a great way to garden for smaller spaces, indoor plants, or just for a fun way to have some plants. 

People can make really beautiful arrangements in container gardening, and there are so many ways to make this activity your own as well.

My Container Gardening Experiment

Now, anyone who knows me understands that I do not have a green thumb. I cannot grow veggies, flowers, or anything to save my life. I’ve been this way as far back as I can remember. This year, I decided I wanted to test my veggie growing skills by growing a jalapeno plant and cucumber plant in a container.

I looked up ideas for container gardening and found a few tutorials that gave me my concept for gardening in a small space. Here’s how I started my cucumber plants in a container this year to try to start living off the land.

The first step was to prepare the area. I decided I was going to use a small area near an old playset as my spot for my container garden. No one uses this old playset, as it was left there from the previous tenants and isn’t that sturdy.

ideas for container gardening

I truly love that my hubby is all about entertaining my various brilliant ideas I come up with. He helped drill some holes in my container for my cucumbers. Such a nice fellow to do this even though he had a feeling I’d kill these cukes somehow. LOL!

He stepped away from cleaning his rig to help me get the holes drilled into the bottom of my cucumber container. These holes are done so that the roots can grow into the real ground as they get larger.

ideas for container gardening

My next step was to grab my Burpee cucumber seeds and the soil so that all of the supplies where close by for preparing my container garden.

ideas for container gardening

I had the seeds, my containers, and my soil to get this container garden started. Notice below I also have a jalapeno plant that I transplanted into a larger container to grow outdoors.

ideas for container gardening

Once I had my supplies near the area, I put the potting soil into my cucumber container and planted the seeds according to the seed packet’s instructions.

ideas for container gardening

I dug some holes down into the ground so that my cucumber container was able to sit securly in my container garden area. This also helps ensure the cucumber roots can go through my drilled holes into the Earth. At least, that was my hope!

ideas for container gardening

I left these babies to grow, and so far they’re growing pretty well. The jalapeno is starting to blossom and the cucumber plant has one flower so far. I did grow some scallions from my green onions purchased at a store but the skunks dug them up so they’re done for.

I can’t wait to see if we get some jalapenos and cucumbers from our container garden this year. I’ll be sure to update you in the future with some tips and tricks as well as some lessons I learned using these ideas for container gardening in our country home.

Ideas for Container Gardening

Mix Similar Plants

A great container gardening idea to keep your container garden simple, beautiful, and even useful is to keep some similar plants in the container. You could have an arrangement of herbs, fragrant flowers, succulents, and other types of plants all in one container. This can be great for those that love cooking, because you could include cooking herbs all in one little container.

Feature Colors

Most of the ideas for container gardening can agree on one thing, color is a great addition and feature part of your project. Find foliage that looks different or more colorful, choose flowers that have unique colorations, or some other way of bringing some brightness and individuality to your little container garden.

Get Creative With Vessels

You don’t have to have the perfect place or container for your little garden. You can get super creative with the colors, sizes, placements, and even material of your container. This can also mean adding your own paint to your plant pot, getting crafty with household items to make one, and more. There are so many container gardening ideas that just focus on the container itself.


Another addition to these ideas for container gardening includes grouping, or how you group together different plants or planters when you’re making container gardens. You can group together multiple container gardens in a display to make them appear more vibrant and like a small garden. You can also group together similar colors or plants within your container.

Add Hanging Plants

A great addition to any container garden is a plant that will hang or creep down from the container. It can be used to cover up blemishes on your container or to add an interesting or elegant feel to your container garden. This can also improve the amount of space your container garden appears to take up in its placement, which can be helpful for small containers.

Hopefully, these container gardening ideas can give you some inspiration for your next or first project with this form of plant keeping. Just like with other hobbies, container gardening has so many ways to make it unique to your home, style, plant tastes, container type, and more.

These ideas for container gardening can at least start you in the direction of finding some good ways to start off or things to consider when you create your own project.

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