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Fun Places to Visit in Vermont

Looking for things to do or places to visit in Vermont? If so I have a great list of ideas that are perfect for you and your family to do. Vermont is a gorgeous place all year round, especially during fall foliage season! Vermont is known for the stunning colorful leaves.

Even if you go in spring, summer, or winter, there are still a handful of things for you to do. One of the things that sound most appealing to me, is the idea of going to Rent an RV in Vermont so that my family can see as much of this beautiful state as possible.

Vermont Maple Outlet

Vermont is known for maple syrup, so stop in the Vermont Maple Outlet! You can pick up delicious syrup, try their maple syrup ice cream (if it is the right season), and more. They have a wide selection of Vermont items for you to take home and try the amazing flavors that Vermont is famous for!

Bromley Sun Mountain Adventure Park

Looking for some outdoor fun for all ages? The Adventure Park is a great place to go to have a lot of fun. Climb walls, shoot hoops, ride fast tracks on the Alpine slide, and more. It is a great day for outdoor fun that any age range can enjoy.

Hildene – The Lincoln Family Home

If you are looking for a little history, head to the Hildene family home. This was the home of President Abraham Lincoln’s son, which is located in Manchester Vermont! It is a beautiful home and a great place to go and learn a little bit about history and feel like you are standing right where Lincoln’s family stood. You could spend a good part of the day exploring!

Quechee Gorge

Looking to see the beautiful scenery, the Quechee Gorge is like the Grand Canyon of Vermont! If you are wanting to be outdoors this is a great place to stop and enjoy the wonders of nature. This is a great place to take a hike, have some stunning pictures with gorgeous backgrounds and more.

Moss Glen Falls 

Want to view a stunning waterfall? Depending on the time of year you might come across some fun outings that are available during the visit. During March they have a family sugaring, where you learn how to make maple syrup. It is a really neat thing to be a part of and see!

Church Street Market 

Experience the shopping and eats portion of Vermont. Grab a bite to eat, coffee, and get to shopping at all the fun shops. Sometimes retail therapy is all you need to make the day a complete success.

The Dog Chapel 

If you are a dog lover you might want to make a pit stop to the dog chapel. It is a chapel with beautiful intricate work and has dogs all over that are carved out of wood and more. The walls are covered with letters and notes of people saying they made a stop. It is a really fun place.

President Calvin Coolidge State Historic Site

President Calvin Coolidge was a part of this town, so when you walk around and see the beauty you might be standing in the exact spot as he once did. You will find a small one-room schoolhouse, general store, village church and more. It is a really relaxing way to spend the day, see a part of history, and experience the beauty of Vermont.

Dog Mountain 

Let your dog stretch his legs in this 150-acre park! You can let your dog run and play, while you enjoy the beautiful scenery. They have dog sculptures, trout-filled ponds and so much more. It is a great place to stop for a little bit out of your day.

Shelburne Farms

Bring the whole family and learn and grow, visit historical barns, walking tours, kid-friendly activities and more. You can spend an entire day visiting this farm that has 1,400 acres of true Vermont beauty.

Vermont is such a beautiful state. There are many farms and often you will find the locals wave a friendly hello as you drive by. 

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