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Best Off-Grid Toilet Options For Your Homestead

Best Toilet for Off Grid Cabin

When it comes to living off grid, you’ll need to have an off grid septic system. All of your waste has to go somewhere and it has to be safe for the environment.

The last thing you want to encounter is having someone come on over from the state and say that you’re waste management system isn’t up to par with proper environmental standards.

Today we’re going to tell you more about the best toilet for off grid cabin options. Mainly people who live off the land tend to build a cabin or a tiny home. This allows you to have a reasonably sized home that’s relatively easy to include in your off grid lifestyle plans.

How to Deal with Poop Off Grid

Making plans to live off grid usually creates more questions. Learning how to deal with poop off grid is our focus today.

So how does one deal with poop when they’re living off grid?

Use an Outhouse

Option number one for dealing with poop off grid is building an outhouse. This would be a big hole in the ground, covered with a makeshift toilet seat to sit on or similar.

You’d build the structure around the hole and voila! You have an off grid outhouse. There are other things to consider before building an outhouse:

  • Place it downhill from your water supply so that it doesn’t contaminate your water (or your neighbors’ water).
  • Consider how this will attract flies and how you’ll enjoy going poop in the cold of winter.
  • The hole should be placed at least 6 feet above the water table.
  • Be sure the off grid outhouse is above flood level.
  • The hole for poop should be 5 feet deep by 4 feet wide.

While an outhouse is the easier solution for dealing with poop while you’re living off grid, many people despise outhouses.

Use a Compost Toilet

From what we’ve read, the compost toile seems to be the popular choice among off grid people. We shared a few best toilets for off grid living recently, be sure to check those options out.

The cool thing about a compost toilet is that it serves dual purposes. The waste is composted and turned into soil you can use for planting your homestead food supply!

Most composting toilets have a hand crank and/or a battery to help speed up the composting so that your off grid cabin won’t stick so badly.

There’s not much more we can say about the compost toilet for off grid living, as it’s pretty much the best option for anyone seeking to have a bathroom set up that they’ve grow accustomed to; such as having a toilet seat 😉

While we do have a third option that we’ve considered, it’s not always the most favorable item. Personally we feel that living off grid means trying to find a way to use everything you possibly can to make this off grid lifestyle work for the longterm.

Using a compost toilet seems to be the best way to have natural fertilizer, all the while being able to go poop and pee inside your off grid cabin rather than walking over to the outhouse.

Obviously, the choice is up to you, so if you’re thinking about a DIY septic system then go ahead and read this tutorial on how to make a DIY septic system for off grid living.

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