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Best Off-Grid Toilet Options For Your Homestead

Best Off-Grid Toilet Options For Your Homestead

Being able to use the most energy-efficient options for your homestead can be helpful in many ways, so what use are off-grid toilets? Well, there’s a lot to know about off-grid toilets such as what their function is, why use one, the benefits you could gain from one, and what types of options work best.

Today I’m here to give you all the information you need to learn a bit about the best off-grid toilet options for your homestead.

Best Off-Grid Toilet Options For Your Homestead

What Off Grid Toilets Do

Off grid toilets allow you to use your body waste for fertilizer similar to how cow manure is used. They separate liquids and solids to prevent the smell that happens when the two mix, and don’t require any plumbing or water use to work.

You can then dump the solids into a composting pile (some campgrounds have composting piles they keep for the decorative plants around the campground) or just dispose of the solids in a bag.

Your liquid waste can be diluted with water and let into the ground or go down a sewer. Unlike sewers and normal toilets, there’s no foul odor if kept properly, as there’s a routine to using one.

Best Off-Grid Toilet Options For Your Homestead

Why Use An Off-Grid Toilet?

Using an off-grid toilet can be important to many different lifestyles or for different reasons. They’re commonly used for campers, boaters, and RVs as it provides a way to use the bathroom without plumbing that isn’t available in those situations.

These toilets provide a better option for the environment rather than sewers as wastewater often ends up in bad places. Using an off-grid toilet can reduce water bills and allow for a less smelly option for your body’s waste.

People often don’t mind these options since there is no smell (when there’s no moisture in our feces or mixture between pee and poop there’s no bad smell).

The Benefits of an Off-Grid Toilet

There are a variety of benefits to using this option for a toilet, it reduces water usage and water bills as well as can be useful for decorative plants if turned into fertilizer and more. When you’re using one with only one or two people, there’s fairly low maintenance for an off grid toilet and disposal of the waste.

Many people that want to live off grid or currently do find that this option is a better option than most other ideas, and off grid toilets are great for those that travel or camp often. In a homestead, an off grid toilet can be a good addition to be able to make less environmental waste and try something new.

Best Off-Grid Toilet Options For Your Homestead

Your Options for an Off-Grid Toilet

Toilet options for off-grid living or homesteads can be a long list, as there are different categories within the “off-grid toilet” umbrella and many different options for each.

You can have an outhouse or use traditional toilet options.

Incolent toilets are a type of off-grid toilet that requires electricity, they use heat to dry out your feces until it is just dust which makes for easier disposal by trash or into the ground.

There are also off-grid toilets that use some electricity (can be hooked to solar power or a car battery) to package your waste into a plastic bag right after you use it so you don’t have to handle poop just bags to throw away.

The traditional composting toilets are the most common and are what have been referred to throughout the beginning of this article.

Overall, there are plenty of options out there for your needs or how much you can (or can’t) stomach handling waste.

Even if your homestead isn’t off-grid, it can be nice to replace your utilities and common household items with more energy-efficient options or better environmental choices.

Using an off-grid toilet can help to make you have a better impact on the environment and put good use to something you usually let go to waste.

Homesteads are a great opportunity to waste less and really think about how you live your life to better the environment or just make use of more.

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