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8 Tips to Control Hunger While Stuck at Home

Since so many people have been stuck at home for so long, I’m sure many of you have started eating more. It’s hard to control your hunger when life is stressful, anxiety consumes you, and quite frankly, you’re bored! Today I’m sharing 8 awesome tips that will help you get control over your hunger while you’re stuck at home.

We’ve all felt the struggle while we’re stuck at home: huge food cravings, excess hunger, and overeating. A lot of us are dealing with more cravings, which can lead to moodiness or irritability if not fulfilled but when fulfilled doesn’t make us feel great either.

If you’re struggling with cravings, put on a few pounds, or have noticed yourself eating too much during quarantine; you’re not alone. Here are some ways to control and reduce hunger or food cravings when you’re stuck at home.

8 Tips to Control Hunger While Stuck at Home

Have a Schedule

Make sure you keep your meals and eating on a fairly consistent schedule. This shows your body and mind when food will be. When you’re eating regularly and on a schedule, your body adjusts over time to only want food during those eating times. Skipping meals can cause cravings and put stress on your body.

Be Intuitive

The biggest thing that helps the most successful eaters and people that have lost weight or dealt with cravings is to be intuitive for Health & Wellness. This means listening to your body. You have to learn the difference between hunger caused by emotions and true hunger, eat when your body needs it, and don’t eat so much you feel sick.

Fill up Time

Lots of us find ourselves with food cravings when we’re bored or have too much time on our hands. The best way to fix that is to fill up your time. Start a hobby, read more, write, exercise, do anything that can help keep you from having empty time that leads to boredom and then to hunger.

Separate Eating From Activities

If you’re someone that tends to eat or snack while watching TV, lounging, or doing other things, you can actually train your body to crave food while doing those activities or even in those rooms. To help stop this, try to make eating a separate activity (don’t watch TV with it) and eat in the kitchen or dining room only.

Drink More

Drinks, especially water, are the best way to curb hunger and keep you fuller for longer. Hot drinks such as tea can remain in your stomach longer than cold drinks, therefore making you feel full longer. Drinking enough water is especially important because it keeps you hydrated and full, dehydration can cause hunger.

Brush After Meals

The flavor of toothpaste or mouthwash can help you to curb cravings and too much snacking. If you brush your teeth after your meals you’re reminding your body and mind that you don’t have to eat again. This is really beneficial with curbing late night snacking if you do this after your last meal.

Choose Better Foods

If you have to snack or feel hungry, make it something that’s going to make your body feel good. Fruits, veggies, or homemade meals are great for you and can be more filling than junk foods that you may typically snack on. This helps to make you feel full and good after eating, so you don’t get cravings.

Think More

A lot of cravings and overeating habits have to do with your mind. Keep a food journal to track what foods may make you want to eat more or make you feel grumpy. Remember when you do overeat, it’s okay! Don’t let yourself fall into a negative mindset, keep pushing to improve and try to do better next time.

How We Encourage Healthy Eating Habits

A big part of controlling your hunger while you’re stuck at home is to have healthier options in the house. Most recently I purchased a large supply of fresh veggies and fruits. I knew that none of us would take the time to cut the veggies up to make a salad, because it’s too time-consuming when you’re hungry.

Instead of keeping the produce, all bagged up. I started cutting the veggies up into snack sizes.

I shredded up the lettuce so that we would be more apt to use it on tacos, in a salad, on a sandwich, and on burgers or other meals we have throughout the week.

I chopped up the celery into small pieces that we can add into our tuna fish for sandwiches or salads, or just snack on for a late-night treat that doesn’t add a ton of calories into our diet.

The tomatoes are pretty much all me, no one else will touch them. I diced them into small pieces for tacos and small slices for salads or burgers.

Doing this has encouraged my family to put more veggies on their favorite meals like tacos and burgers. Placing each of the veggies into storage baggies or my new storage containers were quite helpful to keep the produce fresh and easy to grab.

I hope that at least some of these tips can help make your struggle easier. It’s definitely hard to deal with cravings or grumpiness from them when you’re cooped up at home, but it’s not impossible to improve this issue. We’re all struggling during these hard times.

But it won’t be the end of us.

We can all keep working hard to improve ourselves and work through the issues being at home can bring in order to get through this the best way possible.

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