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8 Benefits of Growing Your Own Food

Growing your own food at home can be a pretty daunting project and takes time and effort to succeed, so why spend so much time on it if you can just get the food from stores or local farms? Well, there are so many benefits that you can get from growing your own food that might give you an answer to that question. Today I’m going to share with you some of the many benefits of growing your own food.

8 Benefits of Growing Your Own Food

8 Benefits of Growing Your Own Food

Save Money

Although the supplies for your garden may seem pricey, consider how many pounds of produce you would reap from this investment compared to how much you would pay on buying that amount from the store. It’s a big difference. You ultimately save a lot of money.

Less Chemicals And Risks

Commercially produced foods often utilize chemicals and pesticides to make the food survive better, something you probably don’t want in your body. You also remove the risk of contamination such as getting a foodborne illness from produce.

More Exercise

The time and effort you spend planting seeds as well as checking on and caring for your garden is a really good form of exercise and activity. This is especially true for those that have a sedentary job or lifestyle.

Increased Nutrients

When you’re growing your own food, you will likely have a more expansive diet that includes more nutrients than you may have without immediate access to that produce. It’s also more nutrient-dense when you grow your own organic food than food from stores.

Environmentally Friendly

The amount of waste and pollution that goes into making, transporting, and selling produce you buy at the store would surprise you. Creating your own food garden can help  you take yourself out of that pollution cycle.

Easy to Personalize

Food gardening can work for anyone. You can do it indoors or outdoors, in the ground or in containers, and grow anything you want to. It’s so simple to make your food garden project your own, which makes it more enjoyable to do.

Better Taste

You know how farm raised meat tends to taste better than the meat produced in mass for grocery stores? The same principle applies for home grown food. Store bought produce has been specifically bred and created over time to have specific characteristics, which sacrifices flavor.

More Variety

When you’re the one choosing what you’re growing, there’s a lot more variety and availability at your fingertips. You can grow types of foods that aren’t sold or choose to have a garden with plenty of differing produce.

There are so many good reasons to consider growing your own food or starting a food garden. If these appeal to you, maybe you should think about it! Growing food is something anyone can do, whether on a small or large scale.

The benefits of being able to successfully grow food at home can affect multiple aspects of your life and mental health, and it’s a great hobby for those that have spare time on their hands. The best part is, you have so much freedom with how you do it!

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