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5 Pet-Friendly Cabins in Vermont

If you’re planning to hit the open road with a pit stop in Vermont and need to find a place to stay that allows pets, then you must check out this list of pet-friendly cabins. I have gathered a few pet-friendly cabins in Vermont you might consider for your stay. Don’t leave your furry friends at home, pack them up and hit the open roads together and find a comfy place to lay your heads down together.

One of my favorite memories is researching places to stay that are pet-friendly during my previous kid-free weekends. I don’t have kid-free weekends much anymore, but I still enjoy finding pet-friendly cabins in one of my favorite states to visit – Vermont. Being a dog owner means that you have a few options of what to do when you want to spend a weekend away:

  1. Hire a family member to dog sit.
  2. Put your dog in a kennel.
  3. Bring your dog with you.

The most affordable option for me has always been to bring the dog with me. There are many cabins in Vermont that offer pet-friendly accommodations. The last one on this list happens to be my favorite. I hope that you enjoy this list of pet-friendly cabins in Vermont and you’ll consider staying at them when traveling to Vermont with pets this summer season.

2 Bedroom Log Cabin in Stowe, VT

Bring Fido has a great list of pet-friendly cabins in Vermont for you to review. I ran across this log cabin rental in Stow, VT. I love that it has a hot tub and a fireplace. You can also see that it’s the perfect location for Fall foliage, go be a leaf peeper and enjoy the foliage this relaxing cabin in Stowe, VT with your pets.

Robert Frost Mountain Cabins in Ripton, VT

This location is beautiful; I have traveled near here before. They currently have a pet-friendly fee and two pet-friendly cabins in Vermont. This area has much to offer for events such as the Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory Tour, the Champlain Orchards, and the Lincoln Peak Vineyard. Stay at this pet-friendly cabin in Vermont and experience the good ole’ Vermont culture.

Green Mountain National Forest, Rupert VT

This is another great one to consider where up to 10 people can stay in this stunning cabin in Vermont. You can have multiple pets with you as well, which is nice. They have a sunroom that is great for soaking up the sun, numerous bathrooms, and a beautiful layout and a nice area outside your pets can run around.

Vermont Twin Cabins South Royalton, VT

Here you can find two different cabin rentals that are both pet-friendly. You can even opt for a theme of your stay where you get a specialty basket that fits your theme. Whether you pick birthday, honeymoon, anniversary and more. They try and make your stay magical and unforgettable.

Hawk Rock Cabins

This is my favorite place to stay, but quite frankly it’s the only pet-friendly cabin that I’ve ever stayed at. It’s in the middle of Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. You should go here prepared with food, but otherwise, the cabins are fully furnished and kitchens stock full supplies to cook meals.

As you can see you have quite a few options up for grabs in Vermont. I love the beautiful scenery and outdoor feel that leaves you craving more of nature and all its beauty!

Make sure to consider one of these excellent pet-friendly cabins to stay at on your next trip to Vermont.

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